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Exodus – period of rapid Terran and Morphean expansion to increasingly distant stars starting 2000 years ago and ending with the Crash roughly 1000 years ago.

Dark Ages – period between the Crash and the arrival of The Word, characterized by technological regression and the retreat of the Morpheans to the Valerian Drift.

Ascendant Age – started 169 years ago with the creation of the first ARC, giving Terrans the ability to utilize Waypoint beacons without Morphean aid.

Scenes from the Hitomi Sphere

The Ascendants

The Ascendants are semi-sentient machines piloted by special Terrans known as Prophets. Ascendants are capable of tasks too complex or rapid for a computer or a Terran to complete on their own, and rival or even exceed the cognitive capabilities of the Morpheans. An Ascendant is created by the fusion of a machine and a biological entity, and many have biological components in addition to just the Prophet in the pilot’s cradle.

Ascendants are the most powerful machines ever created without Morphean aid. The first were vast starships that began to venture out from the Hitomi Sphere along the Waypoint network. Soon thereafter the technology was adapted for more military and civil applications. Many colonies built Ascendants as central control units, managing all security and infrastructure simultaneously with great discretion. Planets built fleets of Ascendant warships, unable to make Waypoint jumps but capable of great destruction within a given system.

And there were the rigs: large humanoid Ascendants capable of great strength and extremely tough. Initially used for mining and construction, these were quickly adapted and new rigs were built for military uses. It is these units that are now at the forefront of the defense against the invading Deva.

ARCs – Architect Cores, the pseudo-A.I.’s that operate the most powerful machines in the sector—the Ascendants.

The Word – latent talent required to interface directly with an ARC.

Prophets – those who possess The Word and receive special training to link with an ARC and become part of an Ascendant.

Starships – vessels capable of navigating the Waypoint Beacon network. Each starship requires an ARC and a Prophet to run.

Rigs – huge—usually humanoid—war machines used to maintain peace and security throughout the Hitomi Sphere. Each mech unit uses an ARC and a Prophet.

Hitomi Sphere – a small star cluster near the Rosette Nebula, on the edge of colonized space.

The Morpheans

The Dream – central construct of the Morpheans’ intelligence. Individual units do not possess true A.I. unless networked with The Dream.

The Soul – one half of a quantum pair located in the processing unit of each individual Morphean, provides a direct and instantaneous connection to The Dream.

The Hymn – central element of Morphean religion, the blueprint for intelligence.

Valerian Drift – huge fleet of space stations and starships drifting in the void between spiral arms, “homeworld” of sorts for the Morpheans.

The Deva

Deva – species of quantum nano-organisms from distant space.


Osiris IV – semi-arid world where life is hard but mineral resources are abundant. think, like, Iraq on a planetary scale (Seed = 973774521)

Remi Prime – prosperous and earthlike. totally sleek shiny skyscrapers and cities with lots of water and beautiful gardens and gene modded people everywhere (Seed = 551940012)

Tylrico – mars-like, dotted with domed cities connected by high speed monorails that cut through the wastes in between (Seed = 1209641031)

Rosetta – Garden world with 19th-century fashion and culture, ruled by noble houses. Many on Rosetta disapprove of the Ascendants, and those who are touched by the Word are taught how to use it to sabotage Ascendants and “save” their prophets. Rosetta has extremely advanced space travel technology, and they have a presence throughout their solar system. (Seed = 517716176)

Blue Horizon -

Douphi – regressed to medieval tech level. (Seed = 794263406)

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